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Team Glasgow
team comm of Torchwood Land
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12th-May-2011 09:11 am - All about Jack
Darwinian Brains
So come on team, lets talk about Captain Jack Harkness.

I'll start a few threads going, feel free to respond to them, discuss, agree/disagree or be indifferent. Start new threads if you want to.

Words, Gifs, Vids all sorts anything goes. Let's see how much we can add to this thread.

12th-Apr-2011 09:49 am - Welcome!
Daredevil - Matt
Welcome to teamglasgow, a team comm of torchwoodland!

Torchwood 2, located on the River Clyde in Glasgow, was disbanded at some point before "Children of Earth" took place (September 2009). Care to play there? Want to participate in interactive challenges in the new land comm, torchwoodland? Please read the rules and apply here.

Your team leader is moosical!
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